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What's involved to be a "speaker" at The Global Product Management Talk on Twitter?

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Generally, our speakers have written a blog posting or given a presentation about specific subject matter relevant to the practice of product management specifically, or generally beneficial to business professionals involved with managing products, software or technology. Speakers provide the questions which we make available ahead of time in order to stimulate the discussion and enable participants to prepare. Speakers don't actually "present" during the hour, but rather interact with the participants who are answering their (pre-posted) questions on Twitter in real time.  Occasionally, the speaker may spend more time sharing information, talking with the co-hosts and explaining point of view than interacting on Twitter, depending on the comfort level of the speaker and technical considerations.

In addition to the questions, we provide background material for participants to read prior to the event, and reference it in all the promotional materials. Often, people will read the resource material after the event when they are going through the twitter transcript and listening to the audio podcast. Following the event, we'll distribute a transcript of all tweets and a recording of our audio discussion on Skype. All of the content is posted on the website, distributed via social media, iTunes, BlogTalkRadio and may be packaged, for example, as an ebook for consuming on mobile and tablet devices.

What is The Global Product Management Talk?

The "Global Product Management Talk" was initially conceived as a virtual forum where people who manage products situated globally could interact in real time with product management thought leaders.  The Global Product Management Talk raises the bar for what is possible to accomplish in a real time, open platform event on Twitter by encouraging participants to expand their knowledge base with each event, utilize new products in real time as we introduce and beta test various products for participating, enable participants to showcase their knowledge and share resources, and crowdsource educational content for product people to stay apprised of new developments, thinkers, and events in the practice of managing products from inception to market and innovation.

This event is unique for a number of reasons:

1. Interactive, Mini-product camp, Socratic discussion
The showcased thought leader does not lecture, but actually raises questions for the participants to answer in a "Socratic" atmosphere, while providing background information and comments to forward the discussion.

What is a Socratic Discussion?

The Socratic method of discussion is based on the way Socrates taught students in Ancient Greece. All of his students were encouraged and expected to share their thoughts regarding both the written and the spoken word. Socrate's students were provided materials to read, analyze and evaluate prior to class so they could prepare to contribute to the discussion. During the class, Socrates would listen intently as the students demonstrated their knowledge.
The Global Product Management Talk models the Socratic method of discussion by posting the questions to be discussed and providing background material for participants to review before the event.  During the event, the speaker participates on an equal level with participants, by reading and commenting on tweets. We also include both the written aspect of the tweets and the spoken word by recording the commentary and banter of the speaker with the co-hosts.

Following the event, participants and others can read the transcript and listen to the recording to further analyze the discussion, follow through to resources mentioned during the event, and blog their responses.  The Global Product Management Talk is the only venue of this nature available for product professionals to share their knowledge and resources, discuss pertinent issues, stay up to date with the most recent methodologies, procedures and tools, and learn from others while engaging in a community of peers.

What is Product Camp?
ProductCamp is an in-person, free collaborative, community organized unconference, focused on Product Management and Marketing. It provides a great opportunity to learn from and network with other smart, passionate people coming together to discuss, debate, and collaborate on issues they face every day. Everyone interested in improving their ability to conceive, build, manage, launch and market products is welcome.  Product Camps are generally scheduled to last about 8 hours, often on a Saturday.  The Global Product Management Talk is like a micro-product camp, or equal to one session of pcamp.

What is ProductCamp Radio?
ProductCamp Radio is a podcast produced by The Global Product Management Talk to promote, educate, evangelize the value of attending, presenting, sponsoring Product Camps, identify best practices, suggestions, successes relevant to all Product Camps, and provide a promotional vehicle that extends the reach of influence to serve as a perpetual commercial for all product camps that can be embedded on sites and accessed via mobile devices.

What are Product Talks?
According to Jeremy Horn, of the Product Group, New York, NY, Product Talks are "an opportunity for Product Managers, Strategists,etc., to come together to meet, interact, and network. The ideal environment within which sharing and learning can flourish and complement the knowledge base for all on a peer to peer basis." Product Talks are generally scheduled for a weekday evening at regular intervals. The San Francisco Product Talks meetup generally takes place monthly.

What is the Tools of The Trade Podcast?
          The Global Product Management Talk Tools of the Trade audio series is designed to                            enable busy product people to stay informed about best in class tools, methods 
and approaches.

2. Open Forum
It takes place in an open forum on Twitter enabling anyone to participate without barriers beyond Internet connection (Twitter registration is only required for participation, the event could be passively viewed in real time via Twitter search of the hashtag #prodmgmttalk or the transcript could be read after the event offline.)

3. Multiple Options Extends reach and convenience
  • Visual: 
For participating on Twitter in real time event, participants can use whatever tool they choose, as well as suggested tools (TwebEvent, TweetChat,, for following the hashtag #prodmgmttalk to read and respond to tweets during the live event.
  • Audio: 
For listening to live discussion, participants can use whatever device (phone, mobile, PC) to listen to the speaker and co-hosts banter, discussion and commentary of the subject matter and Twitter.  Participants are also invited to call in during the live discussion. 

4. Focus on Issues pertinent to Managing Products/ Product Management/ Product Professionals
It is the only weekly, virtual event of this kind for everyone who is passionate about products, process, the value and experience of products, such as those
  • WHO identify as professional product managers AND 
  • ARE responsible for managing products from inception through launch, AND 
  • MAY HAVE the title or find themselves in the organization/department of "Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Management" AND 
    • develop products, 
    • design products, 
    • launch products,
    • sell products,
    • are responsible for products,
    • are concerned with the success of products AND 
  • companies, organizations, consultancies that produce products AND services!
The Global Product Management Talk on Twitter, since its inception in February 2011, is the largest Twitter Chat with this focus and Socratic format in the world, recently generating 275,302 impressions, reaching an audience of 15,769 followers with re-tweets occurring for days and weeks following the hour event. 
Our followers to @prodmgmttalk consist of more than 1300 (and growing >100/month) internationally located high-tech professionals including, but not limited to, Founders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, VPs and Directors of Product Management and Marketing, Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Press Relations, Engineers, Developers, UX, UI, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Scrum Managers, Project Managers, Content Strategists, Community Managers, Marketing Managers, Consultants, Trainers, Authors from the entire spectrum of diverse industries including startups, Tech, Software, Services, SAAS, IT, cloud, web, manufacturing, small business, consultancies, etc.

We are cultivating a knowledge community of product professionals and thus are constantly in the process of iterating, collaborating and responding to requests, expanding our focus, providing context for identifying the needs of product professionals, and establishing metrics going forward.  Your participation, thought leadership, promotion, feedback and sponsorship to forward this ongoing experiment is welcome and valued!

To be scheduled:

Please fill out the Speaker Form: and we will schedule you to speak. 
  • Prior to your scheduled event, we will provide a speaker orientation to walk you through the mechanics of the tweet chat so you can relax and enjoy participating. 
  • Additional info: 
  • More information about twitter talks & FAQs:
Note: If you are new to Twitter or an infrequent tweeter, please follow these instructions to guarantee that all participants will be able to view your tweets at the event:



We prepare a press release based on the information you provide, distribute it to showcase you and promote your appearance!  We request that you partner with us to provide a landing page, re-tweets, postings and promotion, inviting your community to participate fully in the event.

2.  The co-hosts will be conversing with you on Skype during the event while we are all watching the twitter comments.

(New to Skype?  For free international calling, sign up and download onto your desktop: )

Skype:  Please add the co-hosts to your contact list: 

cindyfsolomon (Cindy in San Francisco Bay Area) and 
brainmate1 (Adrienne Tan in Sydney, Australia)

3. Twitter: If you're new to Twitter, don't worry! 
We are equipped to enable your participation even if you're not a twitter pro or comfortable typing.  Cindy will walk you through the mechanics of the tweet chat prior to the event and we'll have a producer available during the event to assist w/logistics.

Please follow us to guarantee you'll see our tweets and enable Direct Messaging:

Twitter FAQs:
Is Twitter indexing your tweets in search?  Read this:
Set up your preferred twitter chat tool

4. Please like us on Facebook:

Weekly questions:

5.  Please connect with us on LinkedIn:  

Link to Cindy:

Join Group:

Follow Company:

Filling in the Form:

NOTE:  We ask you to fill out the form to aid us in showcasing you!  However, don't fret, we're happy to assist you in filling out the form, discussing topics, determining questions, and promoting your expertise!  Don't hesitate to contact Cindy @cindyfsolomon  email: 

1.  Choose a topic focus.  Some questions to help you choose:
What issues do you want to raise?
What expertise do you want to share?
What is near and dear to your heart?
What angle has not been explored in depth?
What have you blogged about and/or have links/resources to share?
What bothers you about the art, science or practice of managing products that you want to change?

This is a fun thing - no need to stress. The point is to come up with questions for the audience to answer so they will share their direct experience - not necessarily questions that you have all the answers to, although you may have commentary.

To specifically promote your product, solution or methodology, 
2.  Provide up to 8 questions to foster in depth discussion regarding your topic and links for more information, blog articles for people to read in advance of the talk.  

Remember: the questions you provide are for the audience to answer and for you to provide commentary on their answers.

3.  Your Background bio, LinkedIn profile link, Twitter, links to your presentations, video, etc.

4.  2-3 Pre-composed tweets (140 characters) to use as introduction to you and your focus for event 

5.   To enable a press release: a quote (regarding your excitement about participating with a Global Product Management community using twitter, why you want to do it, what you hope to come out of it...etc.) 
Press Release is distributed and lives permanently on the site and

6.   You will be promoted via Social Media on the site and via Tweets, Facebook, Linkedin, Plancast, EventbriteBlogTalkRadio, Press Release distribution, etc. 

7.  Please plan to be available on Skype, up to 1/2 hour before and 1/2 hour afterwards to debrief (if need be)

8.  Also, we will grab your LinkedIn profile picture for the Press Release and BlogTalkRadio page, unless you would like to provide a different gif or jpg.

During event:

1. Participants are actively Tweeting using hashtag #prodmgmttalk and following using tools such as Tweetchat.
2. The co-hosts are on Skype with the speaker and the BlogTalkRadio avatar, who is in the background recording and broadcasting live for participants to listen. 
3.  A producer may be available to assist with logistics, posting tweets, monitoring the event timing and progression.  

Q&A format
* up to 10 questions posted ahead of time 

(may be pre-timed to post at appropriate intervals to forward action during event

*  focus is on guest speaker answering questions and responding to participants' comments, while participants follow along and share their thoughts on the questions as well.

*  Moderator engages speaker in tweeting statements, answers, responses (answers can be pre-identified and progression to next question timed).  
Co-hosts may moderate by tweeting the questions and interacting with speaker (as if on stage), as well as managing the participants by pointing to links for guidelines, transcript and orienting people coming in late.

Post event:

Unedited audio immediately available and unedited transcript posted to site
Debriefing w/speaker (what worked, what didn't, what to change going forward)Encourage everyone to blog about experience to be posted at
Follow up to thank participants
Promote next week
Transcript is processed and posted to Slideshare, FB, site and promoted via social media.
Recording is edited, posted to BlogTalkRadio, FB, site & promoted via social media.

Please Retweet: What's involved to be a #prodmgmttalk Speaker? #prodmgmt #twitter #chats

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