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#ProdMgmtTalk Jason Shah, Product Manager at Yammer; Founder at HeatData on Data Informed #Prodmgmt

Jason Shah, Product Manager At Yammer And Founder At HeatData Discusses Data Informed Product Management on the Global Product Management Talk on Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#ProdMgmtTalk Introducing The Guide To The Product Management Body of Knowledge, ProdBOK®

Global Product Management Talk 9/9/13 broadcast and webcast on The Guide To The Product Management Body of Knowledge, ProdBOK® with Greg Geracie @GregGeracie

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Product Camp ATL @pcampatl #PCampATL Aug 17, 2013

GTRI Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia crowdsourced tweets and content curated by @ProdMgmtTalk

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Tweets, tweeters & Pics

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#StartupProduct: How To Make Better Product Decisions with Teresa Torres, VP Product, AfterCollege

August 14 Startup Product Talks SFBay meetup discussion with Teresa Torres, VP Product, AfterCollege held at Atlassian, sponsored by AIPMM

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Tweets and pics:

Teresa's Slides:

Melissa's Recap on Startup Product blog:

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Webcast: Lean Analytics 201: Five Lessons Beyond The Basics w/Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz

Tweets & tweeters from Aug 6 Oreilly Lean Webcast Series with authors Alistair Croll (@acroll) and Ben Yoskovitz (@byosko)

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#ProdMgmtTalk The Power Of Digital Story Telling w/ Tatiana Mulry

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ProductCamp Toronto @PCToronto #PCToronto July 20, 2013

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ProductCamp Melbourne @PCampMelb #PCampMelb 20 July 2013

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Product Camp Austin #PCATX 11 @PCAustin July 20, 2013

Archive of content via crowdsourced tweets from Product Camp Austin July 20, 2013 curated by @ProdmgmtTalk

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Product Management vs. Project Management 05/17 by PMChat PreGame Show

I was a guest on #PMChat - first on the quickie 15 minute podcast prior to the hour long Twitter Chat where all the action takes place on twitter.

Product Management vs. Project Management 05/17 by PMChat PreGame Show | Blog Talk Radio

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 A swipe at identifying the distinctions:

What is a Project, and what is a Product?

According to Sequent Learning:

A Product includes any tangible or intangible item or service, or bundles of goods and services offered for sale. Products have a life cycle. They are conceived, developed, introduced to and managed in the market, over a period of time.

A Project is a series of activities and tasks which contribute to the creation or support of a product or service. Projects are organized within a systematic framework, utilizing appointed or allocated resources. The tasks are subject to dependencies (e.g. upon the performance of others) and risks (e.g. upon factors that can go wrong). The delivery of a product signals the conclusion of these project activities and tasks. Projects also have a life cycle. They have a start point and an end point.

Product Managers are individuals appointed to be product or product line “mini-business” owners. They are the leaders of cross-functional product teams. These teams are formed to optimize the product’s market position and financial return over its life cycle and their performance should be consistent with division and corporate strategies.

Project Managers are individuals responsible for planning, monitoring and controlling all aspects of a project. They must motivate and synchronize the assigned resources to achieve the goals of the project, while coping with the constraints of time, cost and consistent quality. Project Managers manage projects from start to finish.

Similarities of Roles
  • Both roles align activities performed by cross-functional teams with strategic objectives
  • Both roles require strong influential and collaborative skills to guide critical decisions
  • Both roles orchestrate key activities and manage key deliverables
What are the responsibilities involved in Product Management and those that are involved in Project Management?

Project Management
  • Organizational function of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources
  • Applies processes and knowledge over time
  • Aligns cross-functional teams to complete projects
Product Management
  • Organizational function throughout product lifecycle
  • Proactive planning of products
  • Aligns cross-functional teams to create and support a product

Product Management:
Conceive, Plan, Develop, Qualify, Launch, Deliver Retire

Project Management:
Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor/Control, Close

What is the focus of Product Management (vs. the focus of Project Management)?

Project Management focus:
A. Organizational function of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources
B. Applies processes and knowledge over time
C. Aligns cross-functional teams to complete projects

Project Managers guide key decisions to maximize quality and minimize risk.

Product Management focus:
A. Maximize revenue.
B. Lead product development activities.
C. Reduce development cost.
D. Maximize profit.
E. Deliver high quality

Product Managers guide key decisions to maximize value and create new revenue streams

Where do you see Product Management in terms of its evolution and maturity as a profession, vs. Project Management?

Project Management has established standards, certifications, education and qualifications that have been in place and documented with the PMBok.

Product Management is an emerging profession, currently defined uniquely by every organization.  The AIPMM has been driving establishment of the profession with the forthcoming ProdBOK, product management body of knowledge developed by over 60 contributors.

What are the skills required for effective Product Management, vs. those required for effective Project Management?

Professional communication and leadership skills are essential to both. Ability to generate collaboration and work cross-functionally is a necessity to be successful in either role.

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Here's a recap of the twitter chat presented by PDU Of The Day and compiled by Martin Chernenkoff. Martin, known as @EdmontonPM on Twitter:

Here's the slidevu of the full twitter transcript conversation that includes all voices in chronological order:

Jason Chicola, CEO, Disrupting Remote/Freelance Tech 05/20 by ProdMgmtTalk

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@PIPELINE_2013: The Online Conference for Innovative Product Development #PL13

Change the Game with Innovation that Works. This is a crowdsourced collection of tweets by participants before, during and after the Pipeline Online Conference 2013 @Pipeline_2013

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Kyle Henderson CEO of YouEye at Startup Product Talks May 8, 2013

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@PCampBoston #PCampBoston May 4, 2013

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Growth Hacker Conference #GrowthConf

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Business Design Summit #BDSummit

Chronological Tweets from Business Design Summit 18-19 April 2013 Berlin, Germany

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Growth Hacking: The first 1000 customers w/James Kennedy @StartupProduct meetup

#StartupProduct @StartupProduct Meetup April 17, 2013 w/ @JamesKennedy organized by @CindyFSolomon hosted by @GlenLipka, VP UX, @Marketo Cantina in San Mateo, CA

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#ProductSF How to Build Great Products: Insights

April 12, 2013 conference in San Francisco presented by Greylock Partners and Samsung Organized by Ty Ahmad-Taylor and Josh Elman. Read the event via crowdsourced collection of content via chronological tweets.

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#ProdMgmtTalk Global Product Management Talk With Dennis Shiao, Director, Product Marketing, INXPO April 15, 2013

How to Do Product Marketing Without Marketing Your Product w/ Dennis Shiao, Director of Product Marketing at INXPO and author of the book “Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events” @dshiao

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APIs: Opening up Business and Providing Avenues for Growth

April 4, 2013 Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) Santa Clara, CA Panel Discussion

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Products Are Hard #PAH13 April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013, 8am-5pm One day. One track. One love. at Hotel Whitcomb, San Francisco. Produced with love, passion, and barrel-aged spirits by Hotel Delta.

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Marketing Camp San Francisco #MCSF March 30, 2013

Tweets and content from @MarketingCampSF at Hult International Business School, San Francisco on March 30, 2013 curated by @CindyFSolomon @ProdMgmtTalk

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#ProductCampSV @ProductCampSV 6th Annual Product Camp Silicon Valley 3/23/2013

Sixth Annual Product Camp Silicon Valley March 23, 2013 - tweets captured by curated by @CindyFSolomon @ProdMgmtTalk

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Product Camp St. Louis @PCampStL #pcstl13 3/23/2013

Archive of content from Product Camp St. Louis March 23, 2013 provided by @AIPMM produced by @ProdMgmtTalk

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Startup Product Meetup: Competitive Intelligence with Sean Campbell

March 13, 2013 Startup Product Talks San Francisco, CA meetup with Sean Campbell of Cascade Insights.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

#ProdMgmtTalk March 11, 13 How to Apply #Lean Startup Principles as a Product Manager w/ @danolsen

Global Product Management Talk On How to Apply Lean Startup Principles as a Product Manager

Dan Olsen, Entrepreneur, Interim VP of Product And Early Stage StartUp Product Management Expert, Discusses How to Apply Lean Startup Principles as a Product Manager

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Impactful Content for Startups with a Cause: Mozilla Foundation and JobScout

#LeanContent Marketing Meetup San Francisco HQ February 13, 2013 with Emily Goligoski is design and community lead at Mozilla Foundation and Christina Gagnier, CEO of TRAIL

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Startup Product Summit Feb 7, 2013 @StartupProduct #StartupProduct

Startup Product: A movement about cross-functional collaboration for product success founded and promoted by @CindyFSolomon via the Global Product Management Talk, Startup Product Talks, and Startup Talk Radio

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Value of Product Management as Part of the Product Team

This is a guest post by Greg Geracie,
President, Actuation Consulting
Author, Take Charge Product Management

There’s something amorphous about the product manager role.

At a product’s inception the role is often handled by the CEO who typically delegates aspects of this responsibility to others within the organization - while never quite letting go.

As the organization begins to scale the role of product manager becomes more formalized. The CEO can no longer invest the necessary time to nurture the product to the degree that’s required for future success and this is typically the point where the organization creates the new role.

The odd thing about being a product manager is that the role changes based upon a company’s stage of growth. Startup product managers are “jacks of all trades” with an emphasis on hands-on responsibility for the full spectrum of product management lifecycle* activities ranging from nurturing the early stage product to successful product launch.

Mid-sized organizations start to see value in more rigorous process definition in order to efficiently scale. This requires a single-minded emphasis on improving and extending the product via continuous enhancement and investment. The product manager has access to more resources and support and typically gets stretched very wide, often too wide. Specialization starts to take hold.

Finally, large organizations require that product managers not only cover the product management lifecycle but understand the economic value of partnerships, acquisition targeting, and divestitures to maintain required growth rates. As you can see, each stage of growth emphasizes a different mix of skills.

In the face of these growth phase challenges product managers and product owners rarely succeed alone. They have to rely heavily on their core and extended product teams. Product managers are the only parties that stay with the product throughout all the phases of the product management lifecycle from a product’s conception to its ultimate retirement. A fact that was confirmed in last year’s Study of Product Team Performance.

In fact, 50% of survey respondents indicated that this was the case. The next most likely role to stay with the product was the lead engineer (12% of the total responses). However, just because product managers and owners bring singular focus to the product through all of its life phases does not mean that they can succeed without a broad base of support.

A product manager’s primary mission is to optimize results at each phase of the product management lifecycle. This requires that product managers focus on the creation and sustaining of value as the product progresses through each of the unique challenges represented by the lifecycle phases.

Achieving fully realized value requires the support of others. In fact, it requires the support of MANY others.

Product professionals provide horizontal leadership for the product as it progresses through the product management lifecycle phases. Consider the amount of core and extended team members that this entails. They’re not simply managing the product development lifecycle aspects - but the product lifecycle phases as well.

This means that almost all the employees in an organization are touched by the product manager. In fact, if we stacked them up into columns the amount of people that support the product in most organizations would far outnumber the amount of sales people and marketing staff or the shared services functions of general administration.

Product managers can’t succeed alone. They need to have a strong set of wide-ranging cross-functional skills and they must fully integrate into the organization and engage with core and extended team members exceptionally well. In fact, this is why we developed our annual Study of Product Team Performance.

This year we have 13 professional organizations supporting this unique cross-industry effort. We encourage you to share your experiences as part of a product team and tell us what’s working and what could be improved. (You can do so by clicking here.)

After all, we succeed or fail together and each of us plays an important role in achieving success.

Greg Geracie is the author of Take Charge Product Management©, the Editor-in-Chief of The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK®), and an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University’s College of Computing and Digital Media.

ProductCamp Vancouver #PCV13 @pcampvancouver Feb 2, 2013

Archive of Tweets and Content sponsored by @AIPMM, Association of International Product Management & Marketing produced by Global Product Management Talk @ProdMgmtTalk

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Product Camp Chicago @PCampChicago #PCampChi Feb 2, 2012

Archive of Tweets and Content sponsored by @AIPMM, Association of International Product Management & Marketing produced by Global Product Management Talk @ProdMgmtTalk

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How Ideas Become Products: Managing Innovation with Chad McAllister

AIPMM Webinar Series 2013

About The Speaker, Chad McAllister, Ph.D., NPDP, PMP
Founder, Product Innovation Educators
AIPMM Certified Innovation Leader Content developer and Trainer

Moderated by Cindy F. Solomon
Founder, Global Product Management Talk

AIPMM Webinar series


CIL Virtual Study Group starting January 8
Special Launch Pricing! Only $395 ($845 value)
(Additional fees for AIPMM membership and certification exam required)

3 Day San Francisco Product Leader Special Package Price: $1797.00
2 day intensive training followed by 1 day conference & meetup includes lunch all 3 days

Product Innovation Leadership Training
February 5 & 6, 2013 / 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
includes the 2 Day Intensive Training ($1697 value), Certified Innovation Leader (CIL®) certification exam fee ($395 value), and a 1 year premium AIPMM membership ($175 value). This course also offers 16 PDUs for PMI® certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®).
stand alone registration:


Startup Product Summit
February 7, 2013 / 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
1-Day Conference: Discover how to work together to develop amazing products.
Join the first conference ($349 value) bringing together everyone who touches product at a company to talk frankly about what product is and our shared role in making them a success with a healthy mix of product managers, engineers, marketers and designers speaking from their experiences about products from every angle, including prototyping, roadmapping and marketing. The conference will offer additional PDUs.
stand alone registration:


Startup Product Talks February 7, 2013 6:30 PM
San Francisco meetup networking event ($10+ value includes food and drinks)
stand alone registration:

Jan 14 Global Product Management Talk Podcast:
Chad & Cindy: