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What is the Most Effective Way to Host a Regular Twitter Chat?

This question was recently posed on Quora.  Here are my suggestions for the Most effective way to host a regular Twitter Chat:


Recognize that a regular Twitter Chat is an event requiring human participation. Even though its digital on an open platform, it still requires similar planning, thinking, and structure as any other regularly scheduled event to guarantee its success.

Think strategically and post your thinking on a webpage (start with a wiki or blogpage, then identify a relevant name that ideally works well for a hashtag and domain name)

Answer these questions in your planning
What is the purpose of the Twitter Chat?
Who is the desired audience?
What is your goal for producing the Chat?
What are your success metrics?
What is your road map?

Break down your event planning into 3 parts
a) Before the event begins (prior to launch and between regularly scheduled events)
b) During the event
c) After the event


Prior to Twitter Chat Launch

Determine the following details:

1. Topic: Decide your twitter chat topic. Search Twitter hashtags and the Twitter Chat Schedule to see if its already covered:

2. Team: Choose a partner or two to collaborate, co-host during chat, handle logistics and promote between chats. Sustaining momentum requires group effort between events and when you're not available. If your purpose is to engage an audience around a topic, community nurturance is an ongoing effort.

3. Audience: identify who is already discussing this topic on and off Twitter, what organizations, events and experts are focussed on it. Make contact and start creating a twitter list to engage those people in conversation and share your plans. Create a means of driving people to your webpage and encouraging them to register or subscribe for ongoing exchange. A Twitter Chat is one potent piece of a community engagement and fully integrated social media campaign effort.

4. Schedule: Choose a schedule that works for a core group of potential participants to guarantee an audience at launch.

5. Format: Your purpose and topic will help define the most effective format for your audience.

Format options range from;

a) the open bar networking type event if you just want to build community and provide a meeting place for people to tweet together during a time frame where they're allowed to promote themselves and self-interests;

b) themed free-for-all where people are encouraged to stay on topic;

c) an expert guest speaker where tweeters ask questions relevant to the guest's subject matter;

d) semi-structured - where the host provides questions for participants to discuss;

e) hybrid event - where the live action takes place on another platform off Twitter, but the conversation occurs within Twitter;

f) Socratic Format
pioneered by the Global Product Management Talk and suggested for professional events. Before the event, the speaker provides links to presentations and questions. Participants are encouraged to prepare to engage in a valuable conversation by sharing their own experience and expertise with both the speaker and other participants. Questions from the audience, suggestions, disagreements and humor is encouraged. The hosts moderate the chat by welcoming new comers, monitoring the discussion to stay on focus, orienting the speaker, watching the time and moving the conversation forward. This becomes a valuable interactive information exchange during the live event time frame. Afterwards, the transcript of tweets is posted and participants are encouraged to blog about their experience and continue the conversation in a static format.

This should get you started. You can check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Global Product Management Talk website for additional details from the weekly #prodmgmttalk Twitter Chat.

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Recap: Value Co-Creation and Product Management w/Jose Briones, Ph.D.

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Jose Briones, Ph.D.
At the October 3, 2011 Global Product Management Talk on Twitter, Jose Briones, Ph.D. @brioneja led us in a discussion of Value Co-creation and Product Management.  

Following is an edited recap of the tweets with hosts Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon in San Francisco bay and Adrienne Tan @brainmates in Australia. Use this as a jumping off point to blog your insights and responses. 

Dr. Briones commented, "As a frequent participant in the Global Product Management Talk, as well as other Twitter chats, such as #innochat, I look forward to the participants’ experience in applying value co-creation to the product management process."

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Value Co-Creation not only describes a business management trend of jointly creating products, the term also refers to a change in orientation towards quantifying the customer experience. Value co-creation is a movement towards  recognizing the perceived value experienced by the customer throughout all interactions with the product, brand and service. Product managers recognize that the value of the customer experience is much more than mere financial transactions. This discussion will uncover how value co-creation can be applied to the successful development of
products and services.


Q1 How do you define value?
  • Brioneja I think there is significant consensus regarding the importance of value in innovation and product/service creation.  However, there is little consensus as to the
    definition and measurement of value.  What is your own definition of value? All opinions are welcome 
  • brainmates A1: Value = what customers are willing to exchange ($, info etc) for your product/service 
  • piplzchoice A1 Product value can be measured by a degree it meets customer expectations 
  • Brioneja A definition that I use is that value is a measure of need or desirability. What do you all think?  
  • agilebench I like the notion that value is relative. It makes it easier to estimate value comparatively 
  • Brioneja @agilebench Yes, it is certainly relative, different for every individual 
  • saeedwkhan @brainmates Value and price are different beasts entirely. Value is what you get from something. Price is what you pay. 
  • Brioneja @saeedwkhan Yes, they are absolutely different. It's critical to 1st determine the value of the offering BEFORE  setting  price 
  • agilebench This approach takes its queue from agile estimation techniques (which are focused on cost, not value) 
  • hienergyguy  value is what further rewards, relationships, and results can be obtained by after a transaction 
  • Brioneja @hienergyguy Yes, rewards and relationships is a big part of value. Service industries use this constantly 
  • lmckeogh @Brioneja : agree w/ half of that. I can think of some things that are desirable but don't necessarily have value .
  • ProdMgmtTalk @lmckeogh - that something is desirable - does that not define its value (amount of desirability)? 
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh Desiring something to fulfill a personal want means the product has value for that individual 
  • brainmates Agree @saeedwkhan: re: the diff btwn price & value but in #business world price closely follows value 
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh The fashion industry has always relied on this. 
  • Brioneja @brainmates @saeedwkhan Unfortunately in most companies price comes first, value later 
  • ErikaLAndersen Whether something "should" have value and "does" have value are
  • lmckeogh E.g. I desire a strand of pearls. However, its value or more exactly, its price is artificially set by someone (jeweler).
  • Brioneja @ErikaLAndersen Value is relative for each individual. Something may have value for you but not for me. That forms the entire basis of real market segmentation 
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh The price may be set, but some individuals may think the price is above value, some below 
  • lmckeogh @Brioneja yes, price can be an arbitrary measure and will differ between consumers 
  • agilebench What approaches could we
  • take when attempting to enhance the value of our current products? 
Q2 Are there different types of value?
  • Brioneja A2: I personally use two categories: Hard (monetizable, directly measurable) and soft (emotional/ subjective) The classic example is hybrid cars: Hard value: Gas Savings, Soft Value: Saving the Planet 
  • ErikaLAndersen Hard value for cars: ability to get from A to B. Soft: Luxurious feel, prestige? 
  • Brioneja @ErikaLAndersen Yes, Branding big part of soft value
  • Brioneja @ProdMgmtTalk I separated "Hard" and "Soft" value essentially b/c of easy of
    measurement/ quantification
  • ErikaLAndersen A2: Yes, absolutely. Seat on airplane. Business ppl may value much more than vacationers - hence, segmentation
  • Trillogy3 Q2 Yes. The example that springs to mind is economic value versus personal value.  Example - grandma's rocking chair on EBay. May have great value to me, but no econ. value 
  • Brioneja @Trillogy3 Wouldn't the fact that it does have great value to you also means some economic value to you? 
  • saeedwkhan @brioneja - A2 Yes. Diff types of value. usu. saves time/effort, gives peace of mind, makes/saves money etc
  • Brioneja @saeedwkhan Do you define market segments using different types of value? 
  • saeedwkhan @Brioneja Yes Segment by value & use case.Value changes based on who is recving value & what value they in turn can deliver.  
  • lmckeogh So, in simple terms @Brioneja, value has both a subjective &objective component. Could you plot objective along X axis vs. sub 
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh It is theoretically possible, difficulty is relative measure of subjective value 
  • eghenson so categories of value - economic, social, personal?
Q3 How do you measure value?
  • Trillogy3 Q3 price is one way. 
  • lmckeogh A3: Time is money IMO. If I can save time depending on the cost I may value it. 
  • Brioneja @ProdMgmtTalk Easy to measure gas savings, more difficult to properly measure the satisfaction you get from saving the planet 
  • eghenson often you can test/measure value by comparing the object of test to existing objects of proven value 
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh Absolutely, time savings are quantifiable and measurable, "hard" value 
  • lmckeogh @Brioneja: What I meant by last comment was can you transform a soft measure into something hard during value discovery 
  • Trillogy3 A3: I guess you could also measure by volume - units purchased. Also number of referrals.  
  • Brioneja @Trillogy3 The catch 22 is that if you don't have an estimate of the value of your offering, you may set price too low or high 
  • Trillogy3 A3: Measuring soft value - market research can be helpful in quantifying.  
  • brainmates A3: Measure value through desire to pay for it in some way (time, $, freedom) 
  • Brioneja @brainmates Yes, but how do you set the initial price if you do not know how much customers value your offering?
  • lmckeogh @Brioneja@brainmates : pick a price and see what happens. Shoot high. Easier to go lower 
  • eghenson entertainment, as example. You pay X to go to the movies. Would you pay X for this other choice? or more than X?
  • eghenson comparing new to existing gives you an initial basis for assessing value 
  • ErikaLAndersen value derived equated to goals met: hard goals (tasks, speed) measurable; soft (feeling smart, having fun) not
  • brainmates @brioneja - Through customer discovery - segmentation, problem definition, solution design & testing
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh @brainmates Setting the price too high may doom your product launch  
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh My favorite example is the Apple MacIntosh; Before Steve Jobs learned how to do Marketing, he made horrible decisions. If Apple had lowered the prices in the late 90's just a bit, we would all be typing on a macintosh. (sorry, I meant late 80's before the launch of Windows 3.1)  The fact is that Steve Jobs set the price higher than the perceived value of the UI and almost killed the company 
  • saeedwkhan @Brioneja Price is usu. dynamic and iterative. Setting initial price is easy. Setting a good initial price is hard.
  • lmckeogh Doom is so fatalistic. There is always tomorrow. Adjust based on feedback. Working against gravity is harder  than with it. 
  • brainmates @Brioneja@lmckeogh @brainmates Setting the price too low may mean that you'll leave $ on the table 
  • eghenson Both @Brioneja @lmckeogh make good points. other market features need to be considered when defining price 
  • Brioneja @saeedwkhan Yes, that is the critical issue, understand value BEFORE setting the initial price  
  • lmckeogh @Brioneja : But what would they have compromised in value? 
  • Brioneja @saeedwkhan Use tools like Kano or conjoint analysis before going to market 
  • eghenson Please consider the notion of using reasonable comparisons for setting initial pricing or test pricing 
  • lmckeogh @Brioneja : agree about using tools. Kano can help with value but not necessarily a price point from my POV.
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh I agree, you need conjoint for price point
  • eghenson people seem to be iterating on what is hard or errors made rather than practical ideas to address 
  • lmckeogh @eghenson : by understanding the errors can be sure not to make same mistakes 
Q4 How do you define value co-creation?
  • Brioneja @brainmates The subject of value co-creation is a more recent subset definition of value 
  • eghenson value-co creation - include customer as well as all internal stakeholders in product 
  • ProdMgmtTalk Value co-creation bringing own resource for beneficial outcomes at point of consumption (value-in-use)  
  • Brioneja @brainmates There are those that say it is about the customer experience 
  • lmckeogh [side note] In determine value one good reference is Dan Ariely's Predictable Irrational. Talks about how mind plays tricks 
  • Brioneja @brainmates but others say that it's about offerings that allow customers create individualized value propositions during use 
  • eghenson Nice @ProdMgmtTalk I think your comment suggests that stakeholders have direct participation in definition/ delivery
  • ErikaLAndersen A4: consider tasks accomplished, speed, money saved AND visceral enjoyment, reflective qualities 
  • Brioneja @eghenson There is a school of thought that says that value co-creation is more than joint product development 
  • aussiegoldy You measure value by how close it is to a win-win. Win for the product/company and win for the consumer 
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh You can only adjust price if you have not irrevocably set a certain image of your product in the customer's mind  
  • ErikaLAndersen Co-creation: Who is the co? the end user, the paying customer? stakeholders? 
  • eghenson @Brionej yes, that value co-creation > than joint product development. I agree. In what ways, what else is needed?
  • Brioneja @eghenson it is about different value creation during use due to the interactions of the customer with your offering 
  • eghenson @ErikaLAndersen each stakeholder, customer, end user need to somehow be represented in product / service dev process
  • Brioneja @eghenson Yes, critical to involve all stakeholders
  • lmckeogh @eghenson : are you trying to please too many constituents. Determine the Most Important Customer and set expectations there 
  • eghenson @lmckeogh I think this is a longer conversation. of course priorities need to be set. 
Q5 What examples are you aware of where value co-creation has been used in the
successful  development of products and services?
  • ErikaLAndersen A5: I like Virgin Airlines; successful airline with focus on good experience to passengers
  • Brioneja @ErikaLAndersen What would you say characterizes Virgin Airlines' experience? 
  • Trillogy3 Virgin is a good example. Food/entertainment, great experience and travel Virgin is customizeable! 
  • ErikaLAndersen @Brioneja haven't flown VA for while, but they had comfy seats, fun attendants; focus on good experience
  • Trillogy3 @lmckeogh - actually you can order off a menu for food or entertainment - very
  • Brioneja @Trillogy3 Good example. Cooking and food are certainly areas where co-creation is a way of life  
  • eghenson back-scratcher. it provides the functional capability. I get to direct it to the itch LOL 
  • Brioneja @eghenson Some people use back scratchers for other applications than the one it is intended for. Reaching for example
  • Brioneja @eghenson But the key is to design product that encourage a customer to explore different avenues of value via customization 
  • eghenson @Brioneja RT so the value is extended beyond original intent. big win for consumer and likely also provider 
  • eghenson @Brioneja is that a dogma or sometimes appropriate intent
  • brainmates Isn't it more than that? RT @Brioneja@brainmates There are those that say it is about the customer experience 
  • ProdMgmtTalk @brioneja says key is to design the product so each user will customize it according to their own desires
  • Brioneja @eghenson what this would mean is that you did not just offer one product, but an infinite number 
  • lmckeogh @Brioneja : a platform type of product that other functionality can be built upon it. E.g. including API's in software 
  • Brioneja @brainmates It is about the offering being capable to offer different experiences based on customer interactions
  • ProdMgmtTalk RT @hienergyguy: so, clearly value is individual and companies need to determine individually 
  • brainmates So its customised experience rather than customer experience @Brioneja 
  • eghenson @Brioneja I believe I understand your meaning. I am intrigued by the notion that any 'product' can be infinitely flexible
  • lmckeogh From an airline example standpoint there is limited co-creation unless I can fly the plane 
  • Brioneja @brainmates not just customized, it is about the offering being capable of being customized BY the customer 
  • brainmates New product! RT @lmckeogh: From an airline example standpoint there is limited co-creation unless I can fly the plane
  • eghenson @brainmates I do like your definition. concrete and understandable 
  • Brioneja @eghenson The best example I was recently exposed to was iPad apps for alternative communication.  Individuals with limited communication abilities represent an infinite number of variations.  These apps can be customized to match the exact level/need of the individual. Thus the same product looks very different in the
    hands of one user vs. another  
  • ErikaLAndersen So like deaf, dyslexic, blind, stammerers etc.
  • Brioneja @ErikaLAndersen Augmented and alternative communication is a specific field that deals with individuals with limited ..... ability to speak and even type. The best example is Stephen Hawking
Q6 What advice would you give to a company that wants to get into value

  • lmckeogh A6: Should think about and plan for extensions at inception if you want it to take on a life of its own.  Create that Kano map and use it to fill out the roadmap 
  • Brioneja @lmckeogh Yes, the design of the product should incorporate customization from the early stages  
  • eghenson @lmckeogh yes, but beware planning paralysis. ;-)
  • lmckeogh @eghenson : yes, hard to know where users will take the product, but don't create a brittle architecture. Make it flexible
  • eghenson @lmckeogh great! flexible architecture as requirement for customizable products and as foundation for co-creation 
  • ErikaLAndersen Value co-creation means the product is platform that is jumping off point for infinite uses 
  • ProdMgmtTalk Yes! "Customization by design" include at inception of product
  • ProdMgmtTalk @brioneja says "there’s a difference betw customizing prod before ship & product being customizable by customer" 
  • Brioneja This is a presentation I put together on Value Co-Creation if interested 
Thank you Jose Briones @brioneja for speaking! Everyone's participation appreciated! 

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Recap: Everything You Need To Know About Web Privacy w/Sean Dakin

Sean Dakin
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At our Sept 26, 2011 Global Product Management Talk on Twitter, Sean Dakin, Fellow, Future Of Privacy Forum @seandakin @privacycamp @iscool led us in a discussion of Everything you need to know about web & data privacy, but were afraid to ask.  Following is an edited recap of the tweets. Hosts Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon and Adrienne Tan @brainmates. Use this as a jumping off point to blog your insights and responses.
If you are developing web or mobile applications, data privacy and security are front and center, particularly in 2011.  In Washington, DC, both the White House and Congress, are extremely interested in doing "something" about protecting the privacy of consumers.  In May alone there were 3 hearings in Congress on privacy, data breaches, and mobile geo-location.

Shaun Dakin started The National Political Do Not Contact Registry, in 2007 to fight for voter’s privacy rights and combat robocalls. He testified in the US Senate, received national media coverage and helped introduce the Robocall Privacy Act with Senator Feinstein. As the founder of the NPDNC Registry he won the Open Web Award in 2008 for the use of social media by non-profits. In 2009 he founded the series of un-conferences called PrivacyCamp which has evolved to become the world’s primary event for business, academia, advocates and policy folks to get together to discuss privacy related issues. Dakin runs the weekly privacy Twitter chat called #PrivChat.
Sean says, "As a recovering software product manager, I know how important requirements documents are and getting the use cases right in order to deliver a product that wins in the marketplace. I'm excited to talk about Data Privacy and how it is not only important from a regulator perspective, but also from a customer trust perspective. Without customer trust, you cannot expect to win."

Q1 What is going on in Washington right now regarding data privacy issues? #privacy 
  • ProdMgmtTalk If you're doing anything w/customer data (software) important to know what's going on at begin of requirements
  • brainmates Product Managers keep on top of data & privacy issues whilst preparing reqs doco. Think about it from start not the end. 
  • ErikaLAndersen Congressional hearings on privacy were big in 1999-2000, then 9/11 happened 
  • ProdMgmtTalk 9/11 made a big difference w/Patriat Act "security trumps privacy" @shaundakin  
  • ErikaLAndersen Alex Kozinski: Pulling Plug on Privacy...How tech made 4th amendment obsolete  Kashmir Hill once worked for blog that elected Judge Alex Kozinski "super hottie of the fed judiciary". Alex Kozinski is chief judge of Ninth Circuit, largest court immediately below Supreme Court
  • ProdMgmtTalk "Lost trust, reputation, customer attrition big costs of Privacy breaches" @shaundakin
  • brainmates Acc to @ShaunDakin, magnitude of data & privacy issues have increased as more people are online
  • ProdMgmtTalk Today WSJ article re: privacy profession says @shaundakin
  • ErikaLAndersen 4th Amendment: In US Bill of Rights, governs illegal searches and seizures
  • PrivacyCamp If you lose customers data you lose that customer for life
  • wapolanco @PrivacyCamp Esp if that data then misused by someone.
  • j3juliano @wapolanco @PrivacyCamp Not just misuse is a problem - even "acceptable" use may not be *wanted* use
  • ProdMgmtTalk Product Managers must respect all data associated & touched by customers
  • ProdMgmtTalk "Even if you cancel your subscript w/OnStar - will cont to track your driving" Called for investig. TODAY
  • ErikaLAndersen OnStar...helps customers in emergencies - can locate with GPS. OnStar radio commercials: Scared 5-yr-old calls OnStar from a car, middle-of-nowhere, about parent's heart attack
  • ProdMgmtTalk OnStar customers Assumed Default "opt out" NOT "opt in" (they were opted in w/o their agreement)
  • ErikaLAndersen OnStar: can opt out of continued tracking, but default opt doubt buried in 50 pages fine print
  • ProdMgmtTalk @shaundakin explaining what Onstar is to our Aussie colleagues (subscr paid auto service)
  • Mack_McCoy Perfect example if why I'll avoid any vehicle with OnStar.
  • jbrett @Mack_McCoy are you going to avoid any phone with a GPS? How about any location based service?
  • Mack_McCoy @jbrett No. But telecom's have much stricter controls around customer data & LBS are opt-in.
  • j3juliano @prodmgmttalk #prodmgmttalk Opt-in vs. opt-out is a major debate in utility industry-what is needed for ops vs. what is "useful" otherwise So e.g., is ops-related energy data necess. opt-in? Then what of data that can be used for marketing?
  • wapolanco @j3juliano @wapolanco @PrivacyCamp Very true. Use could be completely legitimate but unwanted by consumer.
  • wapolanco Data privacy act of '11 makes parents' checking of child's Facebook activity a felony. Not sure I agree!
  • ErikaLAndersen In US, police can't search places where you have "expectation of privacy" (house, car) without warrant...
  • Mack_McCoy Yes and sometimes smart-meters aren't optional in some communities.
  • j3juliano @Mack_McCoy #prodmgmttalk Right. I'm generally in agreement on that (w/vested interest caution), but it's the data handling that's uncertain
  • ErikaLAndersen No "expectation of privacy" exists on Facebook, meaning police may not need warrant to get Facebook records.
  • ErikaLAndersen Nothings stops police from doing their own google searches
  • j3juliano @ErikaLAndersen I wasn't even aware that there was an expectation they would need to get one now-"freely on the internet etc." 
Q2 What does someone need to know about the "do not track" legislation? #DNTrack
  • ProdMgmtTalk "Do Not Track" not a good name says @shaundakin - its not the same as phone/ tech confusing to cust
  • wapolanco A2: #dntrack makes it very challenging for advertisers to target products to audience.
  • ErikaLAndersen @j3juliano: Exactly. Before police would need warrant to see photos, documents, etc. Now, they just go online.
  • brainmates Firefox working on a do not track header in their browser acc to @ShaunDakin
  • ErikaLAndersen @j3juliano And under US constitution, this could be fine since once online,no expectation of privacy.
  • ProdMgmtTalk Microsoft is creating "tracking protection list" TPL to subscribe (like RSS feed) for adv not track
  • j3juliano @wapolanco @prodmgmttalk #prodmgmttalk Then the Q "So why SHOULD it be easy?" In a sense, the data and what it implies is my property
  • jbrett Current EU policy:Opt In for tracking, and must be informed consent. US proposals are opt out.
  • ProdMgmtTalk Tech solution still being discussed - industry attempting self regulat (don't want DC interven)
  • Mack_McCoy @j3juliano I believe people should have a choice. It may be more
    expensive, but it should be an option.
  • jbrett Isn't it really too late to self-regulate? EU has policy in place
  • j3juliano @ErikaLAndersen @prodmgmttalk Exactly: we've been conditioned to "if you don't want Mom to know, don't put it on the Internet"
  • PrivacyCamp #dntrack is something that product managers need to know about
    for any / all tracking and ads
  • jbrett I think people aren't concerned with what ppl know, but how the info is abused 
Q3 How about mobile geolocation issues? #MobilePriv
Q5 I've heard a lot about "Privacy by Design". What does that mean? How can I incorporate PbD principles into my development process?
Q6 Do Consumers care about #Privacy?
  • jbrett @evanwolf Unfortunately people don't want to think about how to control their data. They want share, and they want to be safe.
  • Mack_McCoy @jbrett Yes, but don't lose sight of privacy. It's a fundamental principle of our Constitution. We shouldn't give it away.
  • jbrett @Mack_McCoy Too late. We've already given it away. Privacy is really an illusion.
  • ProdMgmtTalk "@jbrett FB kills privacy: What does mean & how will it impact legislation and product best practices?"
  • ErikaLAndersen @Mack_McCoy @jbrett And yet we are...every time we use a grocery club card, use fast track for tolls, we're sharing info
  • ProdMgmtTalk @shaundakin says FB moving from active- if logged into Spotify & FB share what listen to passively. Every Spotify user must login using FB account - unhappy customers
  • wapolanco @jbrett @Mack_McCoy
    Very true! We have to accept the fact that too many jumped into the #socmed water, both feet, eyes closed!
  • SteveKoss True @Mack_McCoy so few read Constitution to see DC Jokers on right, clowns on left doing to it….thus we stuck in middle
  • jbrett Somebody said #winning. Everyone do a shot!
  • ErikaLAndersen Privacy is dead.. see by Alex Kozinski (super hottie) and clerk
  • ProdMgmtTalk @shaundakin says FB is winning...2010 summer big Quit FB day, but has grown 10mil since (only 30K quit)
  • jbrett @wapolanco FB Timeline has me doing it with my eyes open. I'm looking at #privacy in
    a new way now. #socmed
  • ProdMgmtTalk FB leads - so target of lots of talk, but people keep using it giving them power over the data
  • wapolanco Another great quick read on privacy by design
  • Mack_McCoy No!! It means people have no idea of the privacy implications. It's too
    complex a set of issues.
  • ErikaLAndersen Huge disconnect between sharing information and any eventual harm. Very
    hard to make connection. 
  • ProdMgmtTalk  Cory Doctorow at #strataconf spoke about this (looking for URL)
  • wapolanco @jbrett @wapolanco Hope that "now" isn't too late for you ;) I keep my prvcy
    ridiculously tight on FB but it wasn't always so.
  • brainmates People care about privacy but they don't understand/connect with potential problems so they continue using FB, Soc Media #prodmgmttalk
  • ProdMgmtTalk We're at begin of Future of privacy. Research shows people care, but what do they care about? @shaundakin
  • PrivacyCamp  No #Privacy is not dead.. people do care about privacy
  • SteveKoss  Always carry the x-files to discover when to rise the draw bridge or lower it to cross into your privacy moat
  • ProdMgmtTalk Startups trying to fig out if can make $ managing peop's privacy - what does it look like?
  • ErikaLAndersen Other fact: Google "owns" all docs on google docs. Already litigation whether such docs still private/privileged.
  • Mack_McCoy If people see how many don't get jobs, successful, etc. because of shared info. We have 10yrs for that to become a big deal. #ProdMgmtTalk
  • ProdMgmtTalk Internet is global, so regions' regs & laws don't yet apply to global space 

Q7 What are the costs 
of not "doing privacy right"? (see Sony)
  • ErikaLAndersen Sorry about freaking people out privacy/legal issues...lawyers are
    freaking out so I'm just passing along 
  • brainmates The other side of the privacy coin is trust acc to @privacycamp
  • wapolanco Most people are starting to pay close attention to online #privacy issues/trends. It has become a household term.
  • ErikaLAndersen: Google "owns" all docs on google docs. Already litigation whether such docs still private/privileged.
  • ProdMgmtTalk Immed costs: $ fines for data breaches. Sony $60mil hit from  playstation - bec. didn't invest upfront
  • ErikaLAndersen Trust or not, if company gets subpoena, must turn over info or pay lawyers to fight 
  • jbrett @wapolanco But I'm seeing greater value in more sharing...I just want to be able to control who and how my shared info is used
  • wapolanco @jbrett @wapolanco Correct. The value of "sharing" is immense for both marketers and consumers alike. Prudence is key though. #prodmgmttalk
  • wapolanco Thanks all for the great insight. Tons of new knowledge. Oh.. and... Only a little freaked out :)  
  • ProdMgmtTalk Jeff Jarvis releasing "Public Parts" book will be on #privchat
  • PrivacyCamp Don't forget to sign up for !@ReverseRobocall !
  • PrivacyCamp Thanks so much for the chat ! #prodmgmttalk > Every Tuesday I co-host a chat called #PrivChat on #Privacy (Noon ET) 
  • PrivacyCamp How will the FTC's new digital #privacy rules impact developers? -  FierceDeveloper
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