Thursday, April 8, 2010

Self notes - replicating using Googlewave for project management

Notes to myself:

DONE: coin the term "biztegrity" and explain its relevance
Check out this SlideShare presentation : What Is Biztegrity?

blog agnostic position re: PM certifications
DONE: I am a PM cross certification agnostic! @crankypm @280group #prodmgmt #prodmktg
report on last night's Silicon Valley Product Management Association event
UPDATE: waiting for slides and attendance report
UPDATE: received slides, thanks Grace and Helene!

use prezi to showcase history of software development manifestos
UPDATE:  Created Knol collection of more 27 Software Development Manifestos
UPDATE: spent some time utilizing tool
UPDATE: shared mindmap of 22 manifestos

prepare FAQs for tomorrow's webinar participants
UPDATE: uploaded video to show at beginning
DONE: First webinar a success!  Small learning curve for participants.
NEXT STEPs: create webinar schedule and launch plan
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