Sunday, July 10, 2011

Utilizing Twitter Effectively

Twitter is a broadcast medium with no barrier to entry - anyone who is tuning into Twitter can pick up anyone else's signal.  The beauty of Twitter is that unlike other broadcast vehicles, like radio, video or podcasts, it is simultaneously a two way and multiple parallel threaded discussion - you can view who is tuning in, what they are saying, identify and reach out to others who have similar interests and engage them in an actual conversation in real time or "constant now". 

And herein lies the context for thinking about marketing today - it is an ongoing conversation across all platforms - it doesn't matter which your customers, potential customers and their audiences prefer - you must develop a trusted, dynamic presence that provides value to your desired community. 

We can now identify who is already talking about what we have to offer, respectfully engage them in conversation at their convenience, and develop relationship that results in mutual benefit.

I work with businesses to produce weekly twitter talks that showcase thought leaders, build their online audience and influence, and promote their business interests.  I provide consulting to develop strategy, traverse the learning curve, and provide ongoing management of effective social media implementation.

This site showcases The Global Product Management Talk on twitter

I'm happy to schedule a skype conversation to explore how effective use of social media and twitter talks can forward your business goals.  Initial questions I have for you include:
1. What is your goal?
2. Describe your target audience.
3. How do you measure success?

My skype: cindyfsolomon 
and twitter:  @cindyfsolomon

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