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Recap: Everything You Need To Know About Web Privacy w/Sean Dakin

Sean Dakin
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At our Sept 26, 2011 Global Product Management Talk on Twitter, Sean Dakin, Fellow, Future Of Privacy Forum @seandakin @privacycamp @iscool led us in a discussion of Everything you need to know about web & data privacy, but were afraid to ask.  Following is an edited recap of the tweets. Hosts Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon and Adrienne Tan @brainmates. Use this as a jumping off point to blog your insights and responses.
If you are developing web or mobile applications, data privacy and security are front and center, particularly in 2011.  In Washington, DC, both the White House and Congress, are extremely interested in doing "something" about protecting the privacy of consumers.  In May alone there were 3 hearings in Congress on privacy, data breaches, and mobile geo-location.

Shaun Dakin started The National Political Do Not Contact Registry, in 2007 to fight for voter’s privacy rights and combat robocalls. He testified in the US Senate, received national media coverage and helped introduce the Robocall Privacy Act with Senator Feinstein. As the founder of the NPDNC Registry he won the Open Web Award in 2008 for the use of social media by non-profits. In 2009 he founded the series of un-conferences called PrivacyCamp which has evolved to become the world’s primary event for business, academia, advocates and policy folks to get together to discuss privacy related issues. Dakin runs the weekly privacy Twitter chat called #PrivChat.
Sean says, "As a recovering software product manager, I know how important requirements documents are and getting the use cases right in order to deliver a product that wins in the marketplace. I'm excited to talk about Data Privacy and how it is not only important from a regulator perspective, but also from a customer trust perspective. Without customer trust, you cannot expect to win."

Q1 What is going on in Washington right now regarding data privacy issues? #privacy 
  • ProdMgmtTalk If you're doing anything w/customer data (software) important to know what's going on at begin of requirements
  • brainmates Product Managers keep on top of data & privacy issues whilst preparing reqs doco. Think about it from start not the end. 
  • ErikaLAndersen Congressional hearings on privacy were big in 1999-2000, then 9/11 happened 
  • ProdMgmtTalk 9/11 made a big difference w/Patriat Act "security trumps privacy" @shaundakin  
  • ErikaLAndersen Alex Kozinski: Pulling Plug on Privacy...How tech made 4th amendment obsolete  Kashmir Hill once worked for blog that elected Judge Alex Kozinski "super hottie of the fed judiciary". Alex Kozinski is chief judge of Ninth Circuit, largest court immediately below Supreme Court
  • ProdMgmtTalk "Lost trust, reputation, customer attrition big costs of Privacy breaches" @shaundakin
  • brainmates Acc to @ShaunDakin, magnitude of data & privacy issues have increased as more people are online
  • ProdMgmtTalk Today WSJ article re: privacy profession says @shaundakin
  • ErikaLAndersen 4th Amendment: In US Bill of Rights, governs illegal searches and seizures
  • PrivacyCamp If you lose customers data you lose that customer for life
  • wapolanco @PrivacyCamp Esp if that data then misused by someone.
  • j3juliano @wapolanco @PrivacyCamp Not just misuse is a problem - even "acceptable" use may not be *wanted* use
  • ProdMgmtTalk Product Managers must respect all data associated & touched by customers
  • ProdMgmtTalk "Even if you cancel your subscript w/OnStar - will cont to track your driving" Called for investig. TODAY
  • ErikaLAndersen OnStar...helps customers in emergencies - can locate with GPS. OnStar radio commercials: Scared 5-yr-old calls OnStar from a car, middle-of-nowhere, about parent's heart attack
  • ProdMgmtTalk OnStar customers Assumed Default "opt out" NOT "opt in" (they were opted in w/o their agreement)
  • ErikaLAndersen OnStar: can opt out of continued tracking, but default opt doubt buried in 50 pages fine print
  • ProdMgmtTalk @shaundakin explaining what Onstar is to our Aussie colleagues (subscr paid auto service)
  • Mack_McCoy Perfect example if why I'll avoid any vehicle with OnStar.
  • jbrett @Mack_McCoy are you going to avoid any phone with a GPS? How about any location based service?
  • Mack_McCoy @jbrett No. But telecom's have much stricter controls around customer data & LBS are opt-in.
  • j3juliano @prodmgmttalk #prodmgmttalk Opt-in vs. opt-out is a major debate in utility industry-what is needed for ops vs. what is "useful" otherwise So e.g., is ops-related energy data necess. opt-in? Then what of data that can be used for marketing?
  • wapolanco @j3juliano @wapolanco @PrivacyCamp Very true. Use could be completely legitimate but unwanted by consumer.
  • wapolanco Data privacy act of '11 makes parents' checking of child's Facebook activity a felony. Not sure I agree!
  • ErikaLAndersen In US, police can't search places where you have "expectation of privacy" (house, car) without warrant...
  • Mack_McCoy Yes and sometimes smart-meters aren't optional in some communities.
  • j3juliano @Mack_McCoy #prodmgmttalk Right. I'm generally in agreement on that (w/vested interest caution), but it's the data handling that's uncertain
  • ErikaLAndersen No "expectation of privacy" exists on Facebook, meaning police may not need warrant to get Facebook records.
  • ErikaLAndersen Nothings stops police from doing their own google searches
  • j3juliano @ErikaLAndersen I wasn't even aware that there was an expectation they would need to get one now-"freely on the internet etc." 
Q2 What does someone need to know about the "do not track" legislation? #DNTrack
  • ProdMgmtTalk "Do Not Track" not a good name says @shaundakin - its not the same as phone/ tech confusing to cust
  • wapolanco A2: #dntrack makes it very challenging for advertisers to target products to audience.
  • ErikaLAndersen @j3juliano: Exactly. Before police would need warrant to see photos, documents, etc. Now, they just go online.
  • brainmates Firefox working on a do not track header in their browser acc to @ShaunDakin
  • ErikaLAndersen @j3juliano And under US constitution, this could be fine since once online,no expectation of privacy.
  • ProdMgmtTalk Microsoft is creating "tracking protection list" TPL to subscribe (like RSS feed) for adv not track
  • j3juliano @wapolanco @prodmgmttalk #prodmgmttalk Then the Q "So why SHOULD it be easy?" In a sense, the data and what it implies is my property
  • jbrett Current EU policy:Opt In for tracking, and must be informed consent. US proposals are opt out.
  • ProdMgmtTalk Tech solution still being discussed - industry attempting self regulat (don't want DC interven)
  • Mack_McCoy @j3juliano I believe people should have a choice. It may be more
    expensive, but it should be an option.
  • jbrett Isn't it really too late to self-regulate? EU has policy in place
  • j3juliano @ErikaLAndersen @prodmgmttalk Exactly: we've been conditioned to "if you don't want Mom to know, don't put it on the Internet"
  • PrivacyCamp #dntrack is something that product managers need to know about
    for any / all tracking and ads
  • jbrett I think people aren't concerned with what ppl know, but how the info is abused 
Q3 How about mobile geolocation issues? #MobilePriv
Q5 I've heard a lot about "Privacy by Design". What does that mean? How can I incorporate PbD principles into my development process?
Q6 Do Consumers care about #Privacy?
  • jbrett @evanwolf Unfortunately people don't want to think about how to control their data. They want share, and they want to be safe.
  • Mack_McCoy @jbrett Yes, but don't lose sight of privacy. It's a fundamental principle of our Constitution. We shouldn't give it away.
  • jbrett @Mack_McCoy Too late. We've already given it away. Privacy is really an illusion.
  • ProdMgmtTalk "@jbrett FB kills privacy: What does mean & how will it impact legislation and product best practices?"
  • ErikaLAndersen @Mack_McCoy @jbrett And yet we are...every time we use a grocery club card, use fast track for tolls, we're sharing info
  • ProdMgmtTalk @shaundakin says FB moving from active- if logged into Spotify & FB share what listen to passively. Every Spotify user must login using FB account - unhappy customers
  • wapolanco @jbrett @Mack_McCoy
    Very true! We have to accept the fact that too many jumped into the #socmed water, both feet, eyes closed!
  • SteveKoss True @Mack_McCoy so few read Constitution to see DC Jokers on right, clowns on left doing to it….thus we stuck in middle
  • jbrett Somebody said #winning. Everyone do a shot!
  • ErikaLAndersen Privacy is dead.. see by Alex Kozinski (super hottie) and clerk
  • ProdMgmtTalk @shaundakin says FB is winning...2010 summer big Quit FB day, but has grown 10mil since (only 30K quit)
  • jbrett @wapolanco FB Timeline has me doing it with my eyes open. I'm looking at #privacy in
    a new way now. #socmed
  • ProdMgmtTalk FB leads - so target of lots of talk, but people keep using it giving them power over the data
  • wapolanco Another great quick read on privacy by design
  • Mack_McCoy No!! It means people have no idea of the privacy implications. It's too
    complex a set of issues.
  • ErikaLAndersen Huge disconnect between sharing information and any eventual harm. Very
    hard to make connection. 
  • ProdMgmtTalk  Cory Doctorow at #strataconf spoke about this (looking for URL)
  • wapolanco @jbrett @wapolanco Hope that "now" isn't too late for you ;) I keep my prvcy
    ridiculously tight on FB but it wasn't always so.
  • brainmates People care about privacy but they don't understand/connect with potential problems so they continue using FB, Soc Media #prodmgmttalk
  • ProdMgmtTalk We're at begin of Future of privacy. Research shows people care, but what do they care about? @shaundakin
  • PrivacyCamp  No #Privacy is not dead.. people do care about privacy
  • SteveKoss  Always carry the x-files to discover when to rise the draw bridge or lower it to cross into your privacy moat
  • ProdMgmtTalk Startups trying to fig out if can make $ managing peop's privacy - what does it look like?
  • ErikaLAndersen Other fact: Google "owns" all docs on google docs. Already litigation whether such docs still private/privileged.
  • Mack_McCoy If people see how many don't get jobs, successful, etc. because of shared info. We have 10yrs for that to become a big deal. #ProdMgmtTalk
  • ProdMgmtTalk Internet is global, so regions' regs & laws don't yet apply to global space 

Q7 What are the costs 
of not "doing privacy right"? (see Sony)
  • ErikaLAndersen Sorry about freaking people out privacy/legal issues...lawyers are
    freaking out so I'm just passing along 
  • brainmates The other side of the privacy coin is trust acc to @privacycamp
  • wapolanco Most people are starting to pay close attention to online #privacy issues/trends. It has become a household term.
  • ErikaLAndersen: Google "owns" all docs on google docs. Already litigation whether such docs still private/privileged.
  • ProdMgmtTalk Immed costs: $ fines for data breaches. Sony $60mil hit from  playstation - bec. didn't invest upfront
  • ErikaLAndersen Trust or not, if company gets subpoena, must turn over info or pay lawyers to fight 
  • jbrett @wapolanco But I'm seeing greater value in more sharing...I just want to be able to control who and how my shared info is used
  • wapolanco @jbrett @wapolanco Correct. The value of "sharing" is immense for both marketers and consumers alike. Prudence is key though. #prodmgmttalk
  • wapolanco Thanks all for the great insight. Tons of new knowledge. Oh.. and... Only a little freaked out :)  
  • ProdMgmtTalk Jeff Jarvis releasing "Public Parts" book will be on #privchat
  • PrivacyCamp Don't forget to sign up for !@ReverseRobocall !
  • PrivacyCamp Thanks so much for the chat ! #prodmgmttalk > Every Tuesday I co-host a chat called #PrivChat on #Privacy (Noon ET) 
  • PrivacyCamp How will the FTC's new digital #privacy rules impact developers? -  FierceDeveloper
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