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Press Release: Global Product Management Talk Launches on twitter with author Steven Haines


Global Product Management Talk Launches on twitter with author Steven Haines

Author of Product Manager’s Desk Reference uses social media to discuss best in class product management at first weekly Twitter talk

San Francisco, CA, USA  3, February, 2011 -- Steven Haines, founder and President of Sequent Learning Networks and author of the groundbreaking book, The Product Manager's Desk Reference, will be the guest at the first weekly global product management talk on Monday, February 7 at 3:00 - 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on twitter @prodmgmttalk #prodmgmttalk

Author of The Product Manager's Desk Reference launches event

Each week, ProdMgmtTalk features an expert guest speaker who raises questions to stimulate the twitter discussion.  Product management expert and practitioner, Steven Haines, author of The Product Manager's Desk Reference, is "speaking" to launch the weekly event on Monday, February 7, 2011 at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

"My mission is to improve capabilities of people who create, market, and manage products and services, and the companies in which these people work. At Sequent Learning, we created the Product Management Exchange (PMEX) to inspire product managers, marketers, and other practitioners to share their unique experiences. ProdMgmtTalk can be a valuable tool for extending hard earned lessons to an international community of people in companies with products."

Tweet traveled 7400 miles

The Global Product Management Talk was conceived by Cindy F. Solomon, a San Francisco Bay Area certified product manager and Adrienne Tan of brainmates, an Australian product management company, to bring international product managers together with experts in the field.

Solomon explains two things that prompted her to tweet a request to collaborate creation of a product management twitter talk, "Online, I attend #blogchat and #pr20chat twitter talks with hundreds of people. The conversation and connections continue beyond the event. Offline, I participate at Product Camps, where product management, product development and product marketing people come together for a day to share expertise and experience."

In Australia, Adrienne Tan founder of brainmates responded to Cindy's tweet request to collaborate and provide an avenue for Product Managers to converse and debate on a global scale. "brainmates is a team of passionate Product Managers that are looking for new ways to enrich the Australian Product Management community. ProdMgmtTalk on twitter gives the Australian product management community a weekly opportunity to interact with international colleagues."

How to Participate in ProdMgmtTalk

More information about the ProdMgmtTalk is available at the website, including the speaker schedule and how to use twitter and participate in twitter chats at  To participate in ProdMgmtTalk, join twitter and follow @ProdMgmtTalk where the topic questions will be tweeted prior to the event and there is a steady stream of tweets relevant to managing products. During the event, add #ProdMgmtTalk to tweets. You can follow the twitter stream at and review the transcript from the event at

For More Information:
Cindy F. Solomon

About ProdMgmtTalk:
Weekly twitter chat on all things Product Management related. Co-hosted by Cindy F. Solomon and Adrienne Tan. Each week we interview a Product Management evangelist who leads us in discussing a particular topic. The Product Management expert tweets answers to pre-posted questions during the hour, while everyone chimes in on the tweet stream.

About Steven Haines:
Steven Haines is the founder and president of Sequent Learning Networks, a training and advisory services firm with an international clientele, based in New York City. He has over twenty-five years of corporate experience in finance, marketing, and product management. Haines honed his craft in industries as diverse as wholesale industrial products, intimate apparel, medical products, communications, and software & technology, holding leadership roles at AT&T and Oracle. Further, he spent twelve years as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University’s business school. He holds an undergraduate degree in Management Science with a minor in Organizational Behavior from Binghamton University and an MBA in Corporate Financial Management from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.
Sequent Learning Networks
222 E. 46th Street
Suite 501, New York, NY 10017

(212) 647-9100

Product Management Exchange (PMEX)

About brainmates:
Founded by Adrienne Tan and Nick Coster in 2004, the two devised a mission to help companies understand their customers’ needs and develop innovative products that their customers love. With over 20 years of Product Management experience, they lead a dedicated team of Product Managers who are committed to providing services to clients to do just that.
brainmates - product management people
suite 906, level 9
84 Pitt street
sydney nsw 2000

Product Talks

About Cindy F. Solomon:
Cindy F. Solomon founded an automated broadcast advertising company in NYC before the age of 30 after selling microcomputers for Tandy Radio Shack and developing a newsletter about technology for Boardroom Reports. Cindy has held technology marketing management positions with Apple, Vadem, NetObjects and several start-ups. Cindy is a Certified Product Manager and Certified Product Marketing Manager who provides soup to nuts product marketing strategy and social media implementation.
Cindy F. Solomon

Product Camps
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